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Buyer and General FAQ's

How do I buy products and who am I buying from?

To purchase products you need to purchase Credits. Credits is the currency used on FlyRice. When you find a product you like you purchase it using your Credits. When your place an order you are purchasing from independent seller's who are selling through FlyRice. After you place an order the seller will view, approve your order, and then ship the order to you.

What happens if I don't receive my product?

FlyRice doesn't control the seller's on the site. If you don't receive a product from a Seller it's best to contact them first to see what can be done. If a Seller is unresponsive or there is some other issue feel free to contact us and let us know.

What are Credits and how much are they worth?

Credits is a virtual currency that is used to make purchases on FlyRice. You can purchase packages of credits are or a specific amount. Depending on your country and how many credits you purchase at a time 1 credit is approximately $1 USD.

Can I get refunds on Credit purchases?

Credits can be refunded for credit purchases which haven't been spent. Partial refunds can't be issued. For example if you purchase $10 worth of credits and don't spend any we can issue a $10 refund. However, if you spend $5 worth of credits we can't issue a refund for the $5 of remaining credits.

Why credits?

Credits allow flexibility for the buyers and sellers to adjust their escrows and pricing during a commission without re-charging for your actual credit card.

In addition, there will be site features, contests, giveaways and other FlyRice functions where credits can be used.

How do I post a request?

In the main navigation bar locate the "Post a Request" link and click it.

How do I contact a seller or another user?

You can contact a seller or user at anytime by navigating to the user's profile page and locating the "Contact User" button.

What is escrow and why should I use it?

Escrow allows buyers and sellers to safely transact with one another for products that might not be listed (for example a user has requested a product). Rather than creating a one time product the buyer and seller can agree to a purchase price and then the buyer can fund this account with Credits. The credits are not given to the seller directly. Instead these Credits are held by FlyRice. When the transaction is marked shipped by the seller then 7 days later the Credits are transferred to the seller's account. In this way sellers know buyers have paid for something and buyers are protected in case something goes wrong with the transaction.

Seller FAQs

How do I become a Seller?

Any registered user can be a seller on FlyRice. Just sign up for an account and fill out your profile and you can start posting products.

What can I sell on FlyRice?

FlyRice is about connecting users looking for fan art, concept art, and fantastic art with artists who can make it for them. There are 2 types of products that can be sold on FlyRice: commissions and existing products. Commissions are for work that hasn't been made yet and the specific details are chosen by the buyer (also known as the commissioner). Existing products are for products that the artist has already made before and wants to sell. Acceptable products are any type of fan art that can be delivered or sent to a buyer

Commission product examples:

  • Hand sketched color pencil of Pikachu in a pose of your choosing
  • Oil painting of any character from Zelda
  • Guardians of the Galaxy themed coffee mug

Existing product examples:

  • Sailor Moon illustration print
  • Set of pokemon etched shot glasses
  • Game of Thrones anime style framed poster

Who ships the product?

Shipping and fulfillment is the responsibility of the seller. You have your own storefront on FlyRice. All the products you create are viewable on your FlyRice profile. Your products are also searchable and displayed throughout the site.

How do I know when I get an order and how do I fulfill it?

Your profile is attached to the email address you used when you signed up for FlyRice. When you receive an order we’ll send you an email notification. This will take you to the order details page which will list details about the order. At this point you can decide whether to accept the order or reject it. If you need additional information from the buyer you can message them through the built-in messaging system.

What are the fees? How and when are are we paid?

There are no fees to list products. When there is a successful sale credits from the buyer are transferred to your balance 7 days after you mark the order shipped. If you have a balance then it is paid out weekly via Paypal (we cover the transfer fees). During payouts is when we collect a 15% fee. This covers payment processing and costs to run the site.

Will artists retain the copy of original works?

When the artist creates their "commission" products (what they are willing to make for buyers) it's up to the artist if they want to include the original work or a print as part of the product. It's flexible so if you want to you could charge more for the original work, or less if it's just a digital copy for personal use.

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