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By using FlyRice.com, you agree to these Terms and Policies described below. Keep in mind that these terms are subject to change at any time.


  • FlyRice is marketplace where buyers can purchase existing fan art or commission fan arts from artists who can make it for them.
  • FlyRice uses a credits system for product purchases. Credits are like dollars.
  • All users (both buyers and sellers) must comply with their local laws. FlyRice is not responsible for the consequences for any violations.
  • FlyRice does not own any of the content or products posted by its users.
  • Any content created on the site can be used by FlyRice for marketing and driving additional traffic to FlyRice. More traffic means more sales for everyone.
  • FlyRice is not responsible for products sold by its users.
  • FlyRice reserves the right to remove any products, postings, or users at its discretion. Typically this would be due to inappropriate content or behavior.
  • For support or other inquires email us at [email protected]


  • In order to purchase products FlyRice credits must be purchased first. Credits are the currency on FlyRice. Sellers list prices in credits
  • All orders first need to be approved by the Seller.
  • Buyers can cancel orders at any time before the Seller approves the order. Credits will then be returned to the Buyer's balance.
  • When purchasing products FlyRice credits are held by FlyRice until the product is marked shipped by the Seller. Once a product is shipped credits are transferred to the Seller's account. This protects Buyers and Sellers.
  • For custom orders or paying for requested items it is recommended for Buyers to use the FlyRice Escrow system.
  • Tipping system should not be used for purchasing products. All tips are final so tip wisely.
  • Shipping varies depending on the seller and the product.
  • Each Seller sets their own return / refund policy. If there are questions or issues it should be handled with the Seller
  • Credits can be refunded for credit purchases which haven't been spent. Partial refunds can't be issued. For example if you purchase $10 worth of credits and don't spend any we can issue a $10 refund. However, if you spend $5 worth of credits we can't issue a refund for the $5 of remaining credits.


  • All products listed are owned and controlled by the Seller. You decide where you want to ship and how much shipping will cost.
  • Any changes to an order must be clearly communicated to Buyers.
  • All products must have a photo and detailed description of what is being sold and how it will be delivered.
  • Seller is responsible for products they sell including handling disputes or issues which fall outside technical issues with the FlyRice website or app.
  • When marking an order as shipped the Seller should include some proof of shipment: a photo of the package (ideally with the shipping label) or tracking number. Including this helps protect you in case of an order dispute.
  • There are no fees for listing products.
  • For each successful order FlyRice will deduct 15% as a fee which is taken when the Seller is paid out. This fee includes payment processing fees.
  • Sellers are paid out after credits have been earned via Paypal. Sellers can choose manual payouts, automatic payouts based on credit limits, or leave credits in their balance to be used in the FlyRice marketplace.
  • Sellers can adjust product prices after an order has been placed using the FlyRice system. All price adjustments need to be approved and funded by the Buyer.
  • Inappropriate products may be removed at any time.

Last updated 12-3-2014

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