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Welcome to FlyRice

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Earn Money By Selling Fan Art

FlyRice is one of the only marketplaces focused on fan art, concept art, and fantastic art. FlyRice connects artists with people looking for commissioned art and art related products. Artists can post the type of commission they can do or they can post existing art products they've created. Buyer purchase directly from the artists.

Why Join FlyRice?

Sell Commissions and Existing Art

FlyRice let's you post commissions for sale. Buyers order from you then you make that commission for them. You can also post any existing art you want to sell: physical or digital products.

Tips, Escrows & Adjustable Pricing Tools

FlyRice has a variety of tools to use for art sellers. Recieve tips, safely collect payment for commissions using the escrow system, and adjust pricing even after an order has been placed.

Free to join

There are no fees for opening an account or listing your commissions. We take a 15% fee only when you get paid.

Remain anonymous

We understand how some artists don't want their commission work to interfere with their other work. On FlyRice you don't have to use your real identity.

How it Works

Register and fill out your profile

Sign up for a free account and fill out your profile. Let people know the types of art you make and who you are.

Post commissions or art you want to sell

There are 2 types of products on FlyRice: commissions & existing products. Commissions describe what you can make and for how much. Existing products are prints, shirts, digital files, etc... that you've already made and want to sell.

Browse requests and contact users

Requests are posts where users describe what they're looking for & their budget. Browse requests and contact those you think can help.

Receive orders

Customers pay up front when they order your commissions or products. Communicate through our messaging system to finalize details that you may need (shipping, size information, etc...).

Deliver the product

Ship the product by mailing or sending them the file & mark the product as delivered. Once delivered payment is transfered to you.

Have More Questions?

For more specific info on selling on FlyRice checkout the sellers FAQ page or the sellers terms page. To start selling now simply register for an account.